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May 8, 2024

2024 Annual General Meeting

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MD&A and Financial Statements


Q1 2024 Financial Satement

May 07, 2024206.91 KB

Q1 2024 MD&A

May 07, 2024246.72 KB

Year End 2023 Financial Statement

February 06, 2024432.54 KB

Analyst coverage

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February 2024

Fiscal terms guide

The attached file contains important information relevant for building financial models on International Petroleum Corporation assets.

A high-level explanation of the Canadian, Malaysian and French fiscal regimes relevant to IPC

Royalty Rate Ranges for Canadian assets

Year-end tax loss and depreciable historical capital expenditure balances


2024 Tax Balances, Fiscal Terms and Royalties Rates

February 06, 2024168.70 KB