Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) is primarily responsible for supervising the management of the Corporation’s business and affairs. Its authority is determined by the provisions of the British Columbia Business Corporations Act and by the Corporation’s articles. In addition, the Board’s activities are governed by a set of procedural rules which are adopted by the Board.

The Board regularly reviews its guidelines and policies and, considers how its corporate governance practices align with guidelines established by the Canadian regulatory authorities having authority, including the Toronto Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq Stockholm.

The Board meets as required to conduct its business, which includes the approval of the quarterly and annual audited consolidated financial statements of the Corporation.

The Board’s Chair is responsible for the management, development and effective performance of the Board, for monitoring the Corporation’s development through regular contact with the President and CEO, and for ensuring that the Board regularly receives reports concerning the development of the Company’s business and operations, including progress in respect of profits, liquidity and other significant matters.

Board Committees

Corporate governance documentation


Audit Committee Mandate

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Business Corporations Act Articles

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Board of Directors Mandate

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

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Compensation Committee Mandate

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Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee Mandate

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Positions Descriptions of Board Chair, Board Committee Chairs, Lead Director and CEO

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Reserves and Sustainability Committee Mandate

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