Health & Safety

At IPC, the health and safety of our people is always our top priority. We aim for zero accidents and strive to foster a culture of well-being.

We are recognized for our strong health and safety hierarchy and associated management systems which guide our approach and behaviours and are aligned with international best practices. Together, these form the pillars on which the Company can ensure continued safe operations across each of our geographically diverse regions while helping our teams meet or exceed baseline regulations and guidelines for keeping people safe.

Health & Safety Management Systems

IPC’s Health & Safety Policy and our Health & Safety Management System establish protocols for the local health and safety management systems in our operating regions. Executing our operations in a safety conscious manner also means providing staff with adequate and relevant guidance, regular training opportunities and involving them in the reviews of key policies, procedures and safe practices.

Online training modules and quick reference guides are daily reminders of safe work practices.Workplace hazard identification and control, qualitative and quantitative risk assessments, safe work procedures and permit-to-work systems, safe work observations, stop card systems, incident reporting and investigation all represent critical parts of how we manage health and safety.

Management approach to Health & Safety

This Health & Safety Management System (HSMS) structure is applied anywhere IPC is an operator and is supported by continuous improvement through implementation of audit findings and recommendations as well as feedback received from employees and contractors.

Key social policies
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Health & Safety Policy

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Security Policy

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Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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Human Rights Policy

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Stakeholder Relations Policy

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A Culture of Safety

At IPC, we prioritize safety as an integral part of our Company culture. Our leadership team is committed to fostering a culture of safety by participating in regular safety meetings with field staff, where they share safety moments and learn from each other.

This open dialogue helps us to continually improve our safety practices and ensures that safety is at the forefront of everything we do. We integrate safety planning and execution into our day-to-day operations through daily reports, toolbox talks, weekly site-level safety meetings, and monthly management meetings.

We analyze our safety performance and set targets to continuously improve our safety measures, and our management performance is evaluated in part through key safety performance indicators. We believe that creating a culture of safety requires a strong commitment from all levels of the organization and we are dedicated to maintaining our focus on safety to ensure the well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Workplace hazard identification and control

Fundamental to ensuring our activities are conducted in a safe manner is the identification, elimination or minimisation of hazards, which we do according to the hierarchy of safety controls.

Our commitment to health and safety extends beyond our reporting and analysis processes, as we regularly run thematic awareness campaigns across all our operating regions to promote our safety culture and make safety an everyday focus.

See our latest Sustainability Report for further stories and examples of our health & safety culture in action.

Rewarding workplace

Our primary objective is to cultivate an atmosphere characterized by respect, inclusivity, and diversity, acknowledging that our employees are vital to our achievements.

Supporting employee well-being and retention

We are focused on attracting, retaining, and motivating talented individuals who possess an unwavering dedication to ensuring a work environment based on respect.

By drawing our workforce from the local communities in which our operations are based, we actively support local employment opportunities and generate economic benefits that contribute to the growth of these communities. This synergy between our operational sites and the regions surrounding them enhances our operational efficiency while promoting sustainable economic development.

We aim to reward exceptional performance and contributions while prioritizing the overall well-being of our employees and their families, and offer competitive compensation with comprehensive benefit programs. We continuously strive to provide initiatives that support the health and well-being of our workforce, such as flexible working hours, part-time options, and remote work arrangements when appropriate.

By conducting annual reviews of our compensation practices in each region, we believe we can continue to attract and retain top-tier talent who are aligned with IPC’s strategic and financial objectives. Professional growth is facilitated within our organization by having employees and managers track their individual progress through annual goal setting, performance evaluations, and ongoing professional development opportunities

Fostering an inclusive culture, embracing diversity and sustainable management

At IPC, we highly value the uniqueness of each individual and the diverse perspectives they bring to our workplace. Our Diversity Policy formalizes these principles, reaffirming our commitment to cultivating an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment while championing inclusivity.

We actively promote equal opportunities for all employees to contribute to IPC’s success, and we uphold an open-door policy that encourages transparent communication and trust between employees and management.

Community engagement

IPC’s dedication to fostering proactive engagement extends beyond the confines of our operations. We deeply value the integral role neigh-boring communities play in our pursuit of sustainable development. Through a well-defined community engagement strategy, we strive to build enduring relationships rooted in trust and mutual growth.

Our active involvement with stakeholders allows us to contribute to the social and economic sustainability of each community. IPC is committed to making a difference in the well-being of the communities we operate in.

IPC’s community investment pillars

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Education & training

Empower local communities, with a particular focus on youth, to take hold of development opportunities through skill building and support for quality education

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Thriving communities

Respect Indigenous communities’ cultural heritage and promote Indigenous-led cultural and development initiatives. Foster well-being of local communities, with emphasis on vulnerable members, by supporting access to arts, culture and healthy lifestyles.

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Environment & Climate change

Contribute to community-led initiatives on water, climate change resilience and adaptation, adn biodiversity

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