The French onshore assets generate predictable long-term production with low decline rates

In France, the producing oil and gas assets are situated in the Paris Basin and the Aquitaine Basin.
The majority of the production and reserves from the assets come from the operated fields in the Paris Basin. IPC is the operator of all of the Paris Basin fields and holds a 100% working interest in 11 of the 12 producing fields. Five fields are operated via the main production centre, Villeperdue, Merisier, Vert La Gravelle, Soudron and Grandville. Other fields have small gathering facilities where the oil is stored for trucking to the main Villeperdue production centre. From Villeperdue, the oil is delivered to the Total-operated Grandpuits refinery via a fully owned pipeline.

In the Aquitaine Basin, production comes from Vermilion Energy’s five operated fields situated near Arcachon, south west France. IPC has a 50% working interest.

The net 2P reserves for IPC’s French assets as at end 2018 stand at 18.3 MMboe.

In addition, IPC holds a 100% interest in an exploration licence in the Languedoc region in the southeast of France.

Paris Basin Seismic
August 2018

Paris Basin Drilling
August 2018

France licences

Licence Area km2 Licence Type IPC Interest Operator Partner
Aquitaine Basin Licence Summary
Courbey 22.12 Production 50% Vermilion  Vermilion 50%
Les Arbousiers 7.85 Production 50% Vermilion  Vermilion 50%
Les Mimosas 20.00 Production 50% Vermilion  Vermilion 50%
Les Pins 3.56 Production 50% Vermilion  Vermilion 50%
Tamaris 10.00 Production 50% Vermilion  Vermilion 50%
Paris Basin Licence Summary
Amaltheus 37.08 Expl. / Prod. 100% IPC  –
Courdemanges 19.90 Production 100% IPC  –
Dommartin-Lettree 13.20 Production 43.01% IPC Vermilion Energy 56.99%
Est Champagne 1,318.00 Exploration 100% IPC  –
Estheria 43.00 Exploration 100% IPC  –
(part west & south)
25.09 Production 100% IPC  –
Grandville 33.90 Production 100% IPC  –
La Motte Noire 15.84 Production 100% IPC  –
Merisier 26.50 Production 100% IPC  –
Pays du Saulnois 198.00 Exploration 40% IPC Neptune Energy 40%,
Diamoco Energy 20%
Plivot 198.00 Exploration 100% IPC  –
Soudron 51.60 Production 100% IPC  –
Vert-La-Gravelle 23.00 Production 100% IPC  –
Villeperdue 141.30 Production 100% IPC  –
Other Licences
Plaines du Languedoc 1,095.00 Exploration 100% IPC  –

France maps and images

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