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The Shareholders’ Meeting is the highest decision-making body of International Petroleum Corporation where the shareholders exercise their voting rights and influence the business of the Company. At the AGM, the shareholders decide on a number of key issues regarding the governance of the Company.

Special meetings will be held as and when required.

Documentation for the AGM and any other shareholder meetings will be provided on this page prior to the meeting.

Special meeting December 7, 2018

Icon Voting instruction form (Sweden)

15.11.2018, 147.08 KB

Icon Form of proxy (Canada)

15.11.2018, 49.33 KB

Icon Letter to shareholders

15.11.2018, 135.83 KB



AGM 2018 documentation

Icon Notice and access notification

06.06.2018, 159.03 KB

Icon Letter to shareholders

06.06.2018, 194.64 KB

Icon Form of proxy (Canada)

06.06.2018, 69.91 KB

Icon Voting instruction form (Sweden)

07.06.2018, 258.75 KB

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