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SEDAR (the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) is the system used for electronically filing most securities related information with the Canadian securities regulatory authorities. Filing with SEDAR started January 1, 1997, and is now mandatory for most reporting issuers in Canada.

To access IPC documents on SEDAR click here …

Nasdaq Stockholm Listing – June 2018

Icon IPC prospectus June 2018

05.06.2018, 9.97 MB



IPC ESTMA 2017 reports

Icon IPC ESTMA 2017 Group report

22.05.2018, 135.40 KB

Icon ESTMA report 2017 for IPC Alberta

29.05.2018, 82.86 KB


Suffield Acquisition – April 2018 Business Acquisition Report

Icon IPC Business Acquisition Report

06.04.2018, 3.06 MB


First North listing – Company description

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