Emily Moore

Emily Moore Director   Member of the Compensation Committee and [...]

Emily Moore2021-06-25T13:52:54+01:00

L.H. (Harry) Lundin

L.H. (Harry) Lundin Director   Member of the Reserves and [...]

L.H. (Harry) Lundin2021-06-25T13:52:08+01:00

Torstein Sanness

Torstein Sanness Director   Member of the Compensation Committee. From [...]

Torstein Sanness2021-06-25T13:49:43+01:00

Chris Bruijnzeels

Chris Bruijnzeels Director   Chair of the Reserves and Sustainability [...]

Chris Bruijnzeels2021-06-25T13:46:27+01:00

Donald K. Charter

Donald K. Charter Director   Chair of the Compensation Committee [...]

Donald K. Charter2021-06-25T13:47:14+01:00

Mike Nicholson

Mike Nicholson Chief Executive Officer and Director   Mike Nicholson [...]

Mike Nicholson2021-06-25T13:49:02+01:00
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